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Interactive Fiction

A short interactive story about a London man who falls on hard times and finds himself in an impossible place.

~ * ~ WORK IN PROGRESS ~ * ~
A fantasy-themed interactive fiction game in a more traditional ‘choose your adventure’ style.
The choices you make as the game progresses determine how your game unfolds and how characters will interact with you.

A short interactive story about time-travel and dinosaurs (converted from a short story to test Axma as a creation tool)

If it’s not educational, at least it might be fun.


Made for The Boob Jam. It’s tiny, don’t expect anything epic. Except the boobs – boobs are always epic.


  1. leebee leebee

    Loved the story, it left me wanting to know more.

  2. I’m currently reading Baker Street but I just have to say, I am highly impressed with the design for it. The sound is a nice touch, the text transitions well from one page to the next and the background aesthetics are all very great. Good work!

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