My art stolen.

UPDATE 3: Wonder of wonders, I received payment today (16th Feb). Huzzah! ūüėÄ _________________________ UPDATE 2: I received an email this morning and they’ve agreed to pay. I’ve passed on payment details so we’ll see if that actually happens. I had an amazingly awesome response from people on the internet who bombarded them with messages […]

The Season of Giving

It’s that time of year again. The time of year in which I whine about how much I dislike Christmas and why we don’t celebrate it, in which I mutter disparagingly about corporate greed-fueled holidays and excuses for being charitable on one day of the year without really being charitable at all, in which my […]

The Materialistic Society

Reposted from facebook; This > Elliot Rodger and the Price of Toxic Masculinity¬†> is¬†good read. This, coupled with a post a friend shared yesterday about a gender-swapped Cosmo (, is a huge contributing factor to what I perceive to be ‘wrong with society’. Let’s look at an actual¬†Cosmo¬†cover… “Sex moves men crave, the love trick […]

The Movement of Nice

Today is one of those days where everything is pissing me off. I saw a ‘cute bulldog moments’ video on Facebook and part of the video involved an owner calling their bulldog down a grassy slope, only to laugh when the bulldog fell over and slid the rest of the way because its legs were […]