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Category: Asides

The Diary of Vahe Gadar

Traversing the Western Great Fields, just north of Kahm and Esnan where the path forks and crosses the Cobalt Run, I chanced upon a pair of wanderers soaking up the mid-day sun on the warm grass, curious sheep ambling lazily around them. I stopped a while to talk; they told…

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Warden Ch13

The pair had stayed only a brief few hours at Rostall, eager to press on and reach Kinehold to continue the King’s business. They’d secured passage on a wagon that was carting goods to the larger town, sent a missive each to the King and the leader of the Wilds…

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Warden Ch12

Whittide was a quiet place, with a few mud-walled houses, a little jetty for launching boats, and some open-fronted barns where the fish were sorted. It would have been a quaint location for a relaxing getaway if not for the circumstance – and the smell. The arrival of two strangers…

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