There’s more involved than this, but in a nutshell, my old domain lapsed and by the time I’d noticed, a squatter had picked it up and is selling it for $11,300.


So I bought this one instead, which is obviously far superior, because IT ROCKS. 🙂

I’m about to head to the gym. My friend and I attend the same gym, and their app posts challenges every month that you can subscribe to with the chance of winning vouchers for Sporty Stuff (TM). They’re usually insane challenges that are way out of my league, like run 3000km in two minutes, but there are two this month that are attainable for me: cycle 75km a week in July, and work out five times a week for 40m each in July. We started a few days late so I don’t think we’ll be eligible for the challenges but we’re doing them anyway and keeping track ourselves.

I cycled 17.3km in 40m on Wednesday, 17.4km yesterday, and I’m going back today for another (at least) 15km in 40 minutes. 🙂

We picked up our coffee cart today. YAY! It’s great. We’re taking it for its inaugural run this evening; our town has its second Winter Wonderland weekend this weekend, and the parade that got cancelled last week from the rain is taking place this evening instead, so we’re setting up in the garden of our friend’s place that’s right on the main road, and we’ll be there tomorrow and Sunday too during the festival. HOLY LONG SENTENCE, MATBAN.

*scampers off into the bushes*