My art stolen.

UPDATE 3: Wonder of wonders, I received payment today (16th Feb). Huzzah! 😀


UPDATE 2: I received an email this morning and they’ve agreed to pay. I’ve passed on payment details so we’ll see if that actually happens.

I had an amazingly awesome response from people on the internet who bombarded them with messages and I think that’s what tipped them. Thank you everyone <3

UPDATE: A friend managed to get through to them on Facebook messenger. They apparently paid someone else $300 for my images – I’ve no idea who, as nobody else has that amount of ownership over my work in any licences I’ve sold. They’re emailing me now so I’m trying to sort this out with them amicably.


Someone let me know today that someone publishing a colouring book under the name ‘Fanen Coloring Book’ have stolen some of my images and printed them in their book without my permission. I’ve left them several messages and notes on their page alerting them to the fact that I know they’ve stolen my art and they need to contact me to pay up the licence fees. They have now deleted all of my messages and messages friends have left and have blocked me from their page.

I’ve counted at least seven images of mine that they’ve stolen, and considering it’s only a 40 page book, that’s a fair amount of my work in there. I’ve reported their page for copyright infringement and would ask that you also report them. I’ve reported their Instagram account. I’ve contacted the book stores that are selling their book and made them aware that they have stolen copyrighted work.

I post several free pages of art every week, and the art I do sell I try to keep very meagerly priced because I know colouring is an expensive hobby. I have self-published three books, sold some licences here and there, sold some digital download pages, but I make less money from my art than a part time job. I make, maybe, if I’m lucky, $20 a week. Maybe.

My free pages are all posted under a creative commons non-commercial attribution no-derivs licence. People can use them for their personal use but can’t use them for anything that will make money. I sell licence agreements for that. I post my pages for free because I know how much colouring helps people – sick people, people struggling with pain, people struggling with anxiety disorders. I want to help people. I also need to eat, obviously, so do charge for some things here and there, and licencing agreements is one way to earn some money back for my work.

Please share. Please make everyone aware that this is not cool. That these people are thieves. <– this is the chain of stores selling their book. You can use the ‘contact us’ box top right to let them know the book is using stolen art.


You can find my original artworks here;


Here are direct links to my images that they’re using if you’re reporting them;

  • Freezing in Canada

    I would ask to see proof that they paid 300.00 for the art. It may just
    be a cover for their own theft. There should be some sort of proof. If
    they say it was done by a mailed money order or something like that it
    likely they are not being truthful. Just my opinion

    • Zeke Iddon

      I’m with this guy. It smacks of backpeddling to me. Rip ’em a new one.

      • I don’t really need to see proof though – it’s not relevant, even if they DID pay someone else they didn’t pay me.

  • RavingLoomatic

    Glad they’re at least _claiming_ they’ll pay.
    …just make certain that you clearly spell out the *limited* nature of the license they are purchasing, lest they anthologize your work ’til the end of time.
    (not that it’s likely to stop them trying, sadly)

    • Yeah, my licences stipulate that they’re for a specific use / purpose. 🙂

  • Astragali

    The book appears to have been pulled from the alefbookstores website, so yay!