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Warden Ch13

The pair had stayed only a brief few hours at Rostall, eager to press on and reach Kinehold to continue the King’s business. They’d secured passage on a wagon that was carting goods to the larger town, sent a missive each to the King and the leader of the Wilds…

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Warden Ch12

Whittide was a quiet place, with a few mud-walled houses, a little jetty for launching boats, and some open-fronted barns where the fish were sorted. It would have been a quaint location for a relaxing getaway if not for the circumstance – and the smell. The arrival of two strangers…

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Warden Ch 11

Alwyn picked his way over the rockpools to the cavemouth that the sailor’s trembling finger had pointed to. His hands shook, and he tightened his grip on his staff, regaining his composure. The magic had come back easily – it was always just a whisper away, there beneath the surface…

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